Vitax Tub & Hanging Basket Feed (1L)


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Keeps hanging basket plants bright and healthy

Keeping hanging baskets and planters in continual bloom takes time and attention, and using a specialist feed such as Liquid Tub and Hanging Basket Feed will help deliver brighter and fuller blooms.

Specially formulated with essential trace elements and wetters to improve penetration of the fertiliser into composts, Liquid Tub and Hanging Basket Feed makes 200 litres of feed, making it a cost-effective option.

Liquid Tub and Hanging Basket Feed:

  • Provides a tailored plant feed to produce brighter blooms
  • Contains essential trace elements
  • Use throughout the growing season

To ensure your blooms last longer, use Liquid Tub and Hanging Basket Feed once a week, but ensure your plants do not dry out between feeds by keeping the soil moist, particularly during the hotter months.

Shake the bottle well before use and store out of bright light. As with all plant feeds, keep out of reach of children and pets.