Vitax Orchid Feed (200g)


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Vitax Orchid Feed (200g)


For healthy growth and improved flowering

Orchids are a popular houseplant and provided they have the right growing conditions, produce stunning flowers.

Most orchids require specific nutrients and Orchid Feed has been specially formulated to provide high levels of nitrogen – essential for healthy growth.

Orchid Feed:

  • Traditional formulation
  • Supports growth and counters nutrient ‘lock-up’
  • Easy-to-use soluble fertiliser.

It is quite common for organic growing media to lock nutrients in, but Orchid Feed provides all the additional nutrients required to improve flowering.

Once the basic needs of an orchid are met, such as light and temperature, they require little on-going support.

Preferring bright, indirect light, orchids grow well in windows or areas away from direct sunlight.

Orchid Feed should be applied weekly during the growing season, but allow the potting media to dry out.

At monthly intervals, flush the growing media with water to avoid the build-up of soluble salts.

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