Vitax Grow Tubes (20) Vitax


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Vitax Grow Tubes (20) Vitax

The best start for seeds and young plants

Grow Tubes

Grow Tubes are ideal for growing sweet peas, beans, leeks and tap-rooted plants from seed.

Made from natural, biodegradable materials they can be used for cuttings and seedlings which require planting out.

Grow Tubes:

  • Protect roots from damage
  • Roots grow freely through the tube
  • Require string to be tied around the top to ensure they remain upright in a tray

Each pack contains 20, 6cm tubes. If white mould appears on the Grow Tube separate the tubes by 25mm to allow the air to circulate between to dry out the tubes.

Plants are ready for planting out when roots begin to grow through the sides. Once this happens, simply transfer straight into the ground and water thoroughly. The rim of the tube will also act as a deterrent for pests.

One seed should be used per Grow Pot or Grow Tube.