Vitax Calcified Seaweed (2.5kg)


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Vitax Calcified Seaweed (2.5kg)


Natural soil and lawn conditioner

A naturally occurring soil conditioner, Calcified Seaweed is a red seaweed which grows on the seabed in a coral-like structure.

Once applied to soil, Calcified Seaweed quickly breaks down and gradually releases calcium, magnesium carbonate and other trace elements.

Calcified Seaweed:

  • Breaks down heavy soil
  • Improves soil structure
  • Long lasting, apply once every three years.

As Calcified Seaweed starts to break down, it sweetens the soil with the increase in microbial activity.  It is this activity which helps plants and crops to develop stronger roots, promoting vigorous plant growth.

Organic, Calcified Seaweed will last in the soil for a longer period than finely ground lime leading to a gradual, prolonged effect on a soil’s pH.

Rich in minerals, it neutralises acidic soil and can also be used to dress lawns in early spring to improve soil and grass condition.

To apply to soil, spread over the desired area and lightly rake or hoe in.

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