Vitax Py Bug Killer RTU (750ml)


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Py Bug Killer RTU (750ml) Vitax


Highly effective, easy to use insect killer

A ready-to-use spray, PY Bug Killer Spray can be used to controls aphids and caterpillars, as well as greenfly, blackfly and other pests.

A favourite amongst gardeners looking for a highly-effective bug killer, PY Bug Killer Spray can be used on roses and a range of vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and potato.

PY Bug Killer Spray:

  • Can be used on edible and ornamental plants
  • Used in greenhouses or gardens
  • Contains cypermethrin

To be used only as a home garden pesticide, PY Bug Killer Spray should not be used around water as it is harmful to aquatic life.

The spray is also dangerous to bees. To protect bees and pollinating insects, do not apply around plants where bees are actively foraging and apply early morning or late at night.

Use plant protection products safely and always read the label and product information carefully. Wash hands thoroughly after use and keep out of reach of children and animals.